Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Great Weekend

On Friday Brent had a day off of school! We spent the day with some friends at Lake Chicot swimming, eating, and playing tennis. Brinley loved being outside and playing by the lake, although the lake was a little cold for her liking. Apparently there are alligators in the lake, but we weren't quite lucky enough to see any while we were swimming.

On SaturdayBrinley experienced her first Easter egg hunt with our ward. She had a blast and caught on quick. She liked it so much we did another hunt for her at home on Sunday. Sunday was also Brent's birthday. Happy Birthday Brent! It's the first time his birthday has ever been on Easter. We did a lot of hunting for easter eggs and birthday presents, and eating cake and ice cream with friends.

It was a special day recognizing the birth of my amazing husband and at the same time the resurrection. Brent you are truly are the best ever. Thanks for everything that you do! We love you!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


April 20th is a significant day for me, my sister, and my whole family. It is a reminder. Sometimes it weighs very heavy on me. It is hard to believe that it has actually been so many years since that day at Columbine High School. I don't really know what to say about it, but I am so thankful for my sister, Kristen, and for the power of prayer. I think some of the pictures she posted on her blog express how I feel.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun flight

As we sit in the Chicago Midway airport we are grateful that Brinley has the room to run and play. The flight here was good most of the time but the end was quite an experience.  We hope we don't have a repeat of her screaming on the flight to Little Rock. When she wasn't screaming she was very cute.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Orleans

Last weekend we were able to make the trip to New Orleans for the BYU basketball game. We went with 5 of our other friends from here in Greenville. It was great to see Jimmer's last game and to actually get to go to a game this year, despite the fact that we lost. We decided to stay a couple of days after the game and tour all around New Orleans. It's a fun city filled with Jazz music, voodoo, gypsies, French architecture and influence, and of course, our favorite part, the food.

I am so glad we made it there while we are still living in the South. I don't think it is a place that I would have otherwise visited, and it's likely I won't be there again. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We ate a LOT of seafood and exotic foods we had never had, our favorites:
Alligator on a stick. Surprisingly delicious.
Brinley was a champ when it came to trying new foods. She loved the alligator and anything with crawfish.
The Louisiana crawfish festival happened to occur in New Orleans while we were there. I actually really like crawfish. We had it boiled, with fried ravioli, in quesadillas, and with crepes. Yum!

Here is Brinley eating turtle soup. She LOVED it! I personally thought the turtle meat was just fine, but didn't care for the way the soup was flavored.
Of course, as every other tourist in New Orleans, we stopped at Cafe Du Monde and had Beignets. They are a French pastry very similar to a scone. Topped with a mountain of powdered sugar they were delicious.
We stopped at a cemetery while we were there. Their cemeteries are really cool and eerie. Just like you would see in a movie. They have to bury everyone above ground in tombs so that they don't get washed away. Crazy place.

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

The French Quarter

Walking next to the Mississippi

We put Brinley on this statue to take a picture. She totally freaked out! She was terrified. Santa clause all over again.
And of course, us at the Game! We had a blast even though the game didn't end how we would have liked it to.