Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family pictures

We tried to take some family photos a couple of weeks ago and this was what we got:

We decided they didn't turn out as beautiful as we would have liked, so we asked a friend if she would take a few pictures of us before we left Mississippi.  We have hardly any pictures of the 4 of us (there is always someone missing) so we were very grateful to her and her husband for capturing a few photos where all of us were looking!

 We took these in her beautiful backyard.  They have pecan trees, magnolia trees, and a big red barn behind their house.  Sigh.  I miss them and our play dates.

I hope that these pictures will always remind us of our time in Mississippi and of the friends we made. We are thoroughly enjoying Colorado.  I experienced a huge amount of culture shock when we went to Costco the other day.  That place has everything. Someday I might get used to it.