Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the name is...

Well - to all three loyal readers out there who took a stab at the pronunciation of the name Daljuqela - here is what you have been dying to know.

The name is correctly pronunced Day-qwon-uh.  I don't really know how it works but I promise you - that is the correct pronunciation.  Shocking.  I know.

Friday, September 16, 2011


With a new crop of Freshmen comes a new crop of names.  This name is by far the favorite this year: Daljuqela.  I like it because of the mystery that goes with it. It isn't exactly pronounced how it is spelled. Can you pronounce it?  I will give a $5 Amazon gift card to anyone who can pronounce it. Disclaimer:  If you already know this name please do not reveal it so that others can make guesses.

Please make your guesses in the comments below.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brinley the big sister

Brinley has adjusted to being a big sister like a champ. She loves Elsie so much and is always willing to give her kisses and pat her head and of course touch her eyes.  With some of our attention elsewhere however, Brinley has found some creative ways to keep herself entertained.  She is now an expert at pulling all of the wipes out of any wipe container she can get her hands on, carrying an armful of diapers around the house, wiping diaper ointment all over her face and crib, and climbing to the top of anything she can.  She is just having fun being a toddler with a little more freedom then she is used to.  Here are some ways we have found her lately:

Wearing her dad's shoes, or anyone's shoes she can find.

Wearing her bowl as her hat

She was found swirling her hands and feet in the toilet.  Consequently she got to take a little bath in the sink.  I don't think that was much of a deterrent in keeping her from doing that again.

Climbing into the dryer.  She seriously loves this.  I now check the dryer when I turn it on.

Along with finding Brinley doing interesting things lately, I have found Brent doing a lot of very uninteresting things like this lately:

He works so hard I can hardly blame him.  Plus he is working at keeping the baby happy even while he's sleeping.

 Here's Brinley with her first piggy tails using all of her hair.  She loved them.  And so did I, as long as they lasted.
Brinley is the biggest sweetheart and has already learned to manipulate her parents.  Who could turn away this little face?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Elsie's newborn photos part 2

Elsie is already a month old.  Can you believe it?  Well you probably can but I can't.  She is growing up so fast already.  She even has a BYU football game already under her belt (or diaper?). We may or may not have brought her to the football game at Ole Miss last weekend.  Call us crazy but she loved it and so did we. A lot of Brent's family came in town for the game and to meet Elsie for the first time.  It was so good to have family in town. Now that they are gone I will no longer have someone else to take care of my kiddos for me.  Sad day.  They will be missed.

Now that I am way off topic,  here are more of the pictures we took of Elsie as a newborn.  Maybe one day I''ll post a current picture of her. Oh I love this girl.