Thursday, February 25, 2010

Did you win?

Lately when I start talking to anyone I keep getting asked the question, "Did you win?" At first I was wondering what they were talking about but as they kept staring at my face I remembered why they would be asking me that. It looks like I just got in a fight. And lost.

And the truth is we did lose - my whole basketball team that is. I was playing intramural basketball when I tried to take a charge. I was going to let the guy who was dribbling the ball run into me because he was out of control and running right at me. I was waiting for like 2 seconds and at the last second he looked up and tried to miss me so he jumped to the side, taking out my knee and knocking me over. At the same time he fell forward and kicked his foot up behind him trying to keep his balance, kicking me in the face with the bottom of his shoe. And the ref called the foul on me?!?! Oh, well, getting bruises and a mini black eye makes it worth it. Too bad I don't have a better story to share.

I decided that the bruises would help me out in my other sports (for intimidation). If you don't believe me you haven't seen Little Giants.

(gotta love the bowling pin lamp and full-size mirror the kid has in his room)

I just don't think I'll try to put alka-seltzer in my mouth to psych out my opponents.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Being in school while having a little one at home waiting for you can really be a bummer sometimes. The other day I spent literally all day on campus doing an assignment that was due. Every three or so hours Brent would bring Brinley to me so I could feed her. Other than that I was completely disconnected from my family. What an awful feeling. I got home that night and just wanted to hold those two as tight as I could. But I couldn't. I still had too much to do.

I just have 2 more months left of school and often feel like I need to just power through it and dedicate as much as possible to it. But then there are days like today and I question myself. Spending all this time at school is for what cost? I had some time alone with Brinley today. We turned on some music and danced around our house. This was one of our greatest moments ever. She laughed and smiled with her mouth wide open the entire time. What a drastic difference from the other day. I felt so much joy in her laugh. I knew that she needed me just as much as I needed her in that moment.

I often try to get a foot into every door and end up spreading myself to thin. I then just end up shutting down and become a part of nothing and don't want to do anything. I don't want to keep bringing this on myself. So today I have a new conviction. Wherever I am, I want to be there. When I am at home with my family, I want to be there for them. I want to better recognize the happiness they bring to me and live in the moment. On the other hand, when I am at school I want to be there. Lately when in class I sit there and zone out and watch the clock like a hawk. So what is the point of even being there? I may as well make the best of these next couple months and learn everything I can while the opportunity is there. The same thing goes for everything I do.

I am hoping that doing this will help me to feel more balanced. After all isn't that what it is all about? I can't just completely give up on school, but on the other hand I can't just forget about everything else for the next couple months. I just need to find my own balance between them.

I need to say thanks to Brent for putting up with me. You are the greatest support I could ask for. I am the luckiest girl ever. I love you to the moon and back!


Growing Girl

Brinley has two sets of wonderful grandparents. She is very lucky. Unfortunately, they don't always get to see her as often as they would like. My parents in Colorado are feeling especially left out, not being able to see her get bigger and bigger.

This is an attempt to let everyone see Brinley a little more. One problem is that we have a camera that is a point-and-shoot 5+ year old camera that is not very good at taking pictures that are up close. Another problem is that we live in a downstairs half-basement that allows for minimal light, so the pictures are either done with dark light or are washed out from the flash. Maybe when its a little warmer we can take some pictures of her outside with natural light.

So here she is...

Brinley is enjoying the Bumbo seat that my oldest sister is letting us use. It helps her get stronger and learn to sit up on her own. She looks really cute in her dress and one of the headbands that she wears (thanks to another sister). In fact, all of my sisters have been so nice and helpful to us and Brinley. This sister sent us clothes and many other things that we are using/borrowing.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thats the Future

So our computers have been pretty much dead ever since we started this blog. Maybe it is a sign that we shouldn't attempt a blog or maybe we just somehow got a virus when trying to download different backgrounds for our blog (I think its the latter). Either way thanks to my wonderful parents we have a computer to use for now until we get our computers figured out.

When Christa started this blog she asked me what we should title it. Neither of us had any good ideas but since I was watching college football at the time the only thing I could think of came from a commercial. It wasn't just any commercial, it was a hanes socks commercial. I know its sad, but its true. Whats even more sad is the fact that I actually like the commercial, mostly because I can relate to it.

How? Well sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head. Sometimes like at least once a day. Usually it relates to something that I don't like or that just aren't good enough (like socks that don't fit to our feet) and I decide that I need to change whatever it is. It usually is a stupid fix to a silly problem that doesn't matter in the first place (like wanting to change where the stereo is and moving our furniture and storage items just so I could put it somewhere more hidden - sorry babe).

In my mind these changes are brilliant - a perfect solution to a huge problem. In reality- not so much. I do have to give myself credit for one thing - I'm usually smart enough to ask my wife before I start dipping Brinley and my feet in a special paste that I invented.

I can also relate to the commercial because I have a wonderful wife who usually thinks of a quicker, smarter, easier way to fix all of the problems that I come up with. Unfortunately, many of her solutions include moving to another, bigger apartment that actually has closets for storage, but that's another topic.

Either way, the phrase That's the Future is a good title for our family for several reasons - 1. I am crazy and I think I know the future. 2. Christa actually sees the future. 3. Brinley is our future.

When I look at our little girl I see the future. She is it. Today she is 3 months old and she gets bigger and cuter by the minute. She is constantly changing and developing and I love her. Right now she is sitting in a baby carrier on my chest as I stand swaying back and forth to keep her asleep. It sure makes typing harder, but that's why It has taken me forever to actually get this written and why it probably seems so disconnected - I'm writing in 3 minute segments.

Today as I tried to make her happy I stood by a mirror that we have that is about head height for me. She couldn't see my face in the mirror and I couldn't see hers unless I was on my tippy toes. So as I would jump to my toes I could see her face in the mirror and she would look at mine and smile and do her little laugh that she is starting to do. She is so cute. It was our first little version of peekaboo. What a cute little girl.

Brinley is our future, and it never looked brighter.