Sunday, April 15, 2012


I would hope you learn three things from this picture.  1. Christa is an amazing chef(or Sheff).  2. I am a very lucky man.  3. I am not a great food photographer.

I eat amazing meals every day.  Christa could open her own restaurant.  She denies it citing the fact that she forgot the pepper jack cheese that she bought for the grilled tilapia fish tacos with fresh salsa and cabbage.

Like I said. I am a very lucky man.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well maybe I should start blogging again...

Brinley has been on a napping hiatus.  I don't like it.  No I do not.  I usually do any blogging while the girlies are asleep, but without nap time blogging doesn't happen.  Okay that is just an excuse.  It's a good one though right?  Maybe I have just been feeling burned out and blogging seemed like an easy thing to get rid of.  Either way, I haven't blogged for almost 2 months.  I am sorry.  To myself as much as anyone.

Well, this is kind of a sad excuse for a post.  If you want to see a real post you can take a look at my post on the blog I participate in with my sister in laws:

I hope to post some pictures soon!