Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up to lately

I have been meaning to be a more consistent blogger. So here is what I've been up to lately...
Chasing Brinley around at church
Chasing Brinley as she tries out every set of stairs she can find

Laughing as she tries to eat "hands free"
Splurging on a trip to Subway (shared a 5$ footlong)
And on a trip for some of our favorite calzones-

Being amazed by my students (not by what they write but how they write it)-
And doing some welding here and there.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just snapped a bunch of pictures in row of Brinley the other day. I think the progression of her facial expressions is hilarious. She didn't keep the same expression for more than a second or two. These pictures do a good job at showing her funny little personality. I just love this girl.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I am trying to write a post from my phone but this is the first try. Here goes...

While we were in colorado over christmas I hoped to see snow. Unfortunately that was not the case. In colorado it was 60 degrees most of the time.

The great news is that we have received a lot of snow today and yesterday here in mississippi and arkansas. When I say a lot I mean like 1 inch. That's a big deal down here. Anyway I am home from school because we have it cancelled. Best day of my life. Almost.

Did some donuts in the parking lot last night to celebrate.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas...only 2 weeks late

The best part of Christmas is spending time with family. This year more so than ever. After 5 ½ months without seeing our families, the longest I have ever gone, we finally were able to make a trip back home. I left a week before Brent and flew to Utah so that I could spend some time with my family. As soon as Brent was done teaching he drove to Colorado and then I met him there. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in the break for Brent to go to both places so he spent his time solely in Colorado. It was so nice to see familiar faces and places.

I forgot to bring my camera to Utah (stupid) so I don’t have any pictures. I had an absolute blast though. My family is great. The best part: my little brother was nice enough to let me tag along with him and his friend to go skiing! I love skiing so much, but since I have been cut off from my parents I haven’t been able to go very much or had anyone to go with since Brent doesn’t ski. One day he is going to have to learn. Thanks Kevin for the best ski day!

Colorado was wonderful too. Brent’s entire family, all 33 people, were able to make it there for Christmas. Other than the part where Brinley was sick and I got the stomach flu for a few days, it was a memorable Christmas to be sure. Some of my favorite parts included playing the Kinect, watching the kids sleep under the Christmas tree, playing human foosball, and listening to “the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever” read by my sister in law. Since we got a new camera for Christmas (which means I will hopefully stop posting horrible pictures), we were actually able to take some pictures of our time in Colorado. Here they are!

Surprisingly it has been great being back in Mississippi. I have realized that although we don’t have our extended families with us, our own little family has become so much stronger. We have had to learn to be on our own and make friends in an unfamiliar place. It has been so good for us. I even like it here.